Osvaldo Alberto Etchevarne

Cow horn chifle with alpaca finish.

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Cow horn chifle with alpaca finish. It is hand engraved with the national emblem of the Argentine Republic. The chifle was used to carry spirits on long horseback travels.
Horns of creole cows, which used to have endless uses for the gaucho, are currently rare pieces, difficult to find, given the advances in bovine genetics, which eliminated horns for safety reasons and to protect the animal leather in possible fights. Alpaca is a zinc, copper and nickel alloy, also known as German silver or white metal. Its aspect is very similar to silver and is maintained the same way.

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Entre Ríos, Argentina

Osvaldo Alberto Etchevarne


He was born November 1 st , 1956 in Colón, Entre Ríos. He’s the third generation of silversmiths who has inherited the tradition of carving horn from his grandfather and his uncle. He perfected his work as a silversmith with the help of Armando Ferreira, Fernando Rivarola and Ricardo Rossi. He specialized in chiseling where he found his own style. The object that inspired him is the rose, the given name of his grandmother, mother and cousin. He produces a great variety of objects, from hilts, sheaths, heels, mate ferrules, whistles and whip handles.