Lucilo Fernández

Rawhide riding crop with smooth silver 925 cap

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Rawhide riding crop with smooth silver 925 cap. The buttons of the grip and the top of the cap are floral motifs and sooth soajes.
Silver 1000 (100% silver) includes copper to provide hardness required in an object that is used continuously so it won’t bend or break. Silver 925 is considered to be of maximum purity for these uses.

Details and dimensions:
  • Code Vakiano: OC - PLNT99 - B - 0223
  • Weight: 0.445 kg
  • Made in Argentina
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucilo Fernández


He was born on November 21 st , 1953 in Ranelagh, Buenos Aires. Lucilo Fernández learned his craft in the workshop of the silversmith Marcelo Cuenca. He started as an independent silversmith in 1987. His trained his two sons, Francisco and Antonio, and today shares his craft and passion for country silversmithing with them. Their work is based on their own and unique designs. Their works use the noble materials characteristic of country silversmithing such as silver, gold, nickel silver, gourds, recycled wood, horns and bones.