The Art of Curing a Mate

A step to step process on how to curate a mate gourd

In the rich cultural tapestry of Argentina, the mate holds a special place. It is not merely a beverage but a cherished tradition that fosters connections and gatherings among friends and family. To fully appreciate the depth of flavor and richness of this South American infusion, it is essential to understand the meticulous process of curing a mate. Join us on a journey as we explore the steps from purchasing a mate to savoring the first sip of this beloved drink.

Choosing the Right Mate

To embark on the journey of curing a mate, selecting the right mate vessel is crucial. Traditionally made from the calabash gourd, the mate should be free from cracks or imperfections that could affect its performance. Seek a mate that feels sturdy and has a smooth interior surface for optimal infusion.

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Preparing the Mate

Before curing, it is important to clean the mate thoroughly. Start by gently scraping the interior walls with a spoon or a mate cleaning tool to remove any residual particles or dust. Rinse the mate with warm water, ensuring it is entirely clean.

Curing Process

Curing the mate involves establishing a protective layer known as "seasoning" within the mate gourd. This seasoning not only enhances the flavor but also prevents the absorption of unwanted flavors.

Follow these steps for a successful curing process.

Fill the Mate with Yerba Mate

Begin by filling the mate vessel with yerba mate, leaving approximately one-third of the space empty to allow room for expansion.

Tilt and Rotate

Gently tilt and rotate the mate to distribute the yerba mate evenly along the interior walls. This helps establish a consistent layer of seasoning.

Moistening the Yerba Mate

Slowly pour warm water into the empty space of the mate, taking care not to wet the entire contents. Allow the water to be absorbed by the yerba mate gradually.

Resting Time

After moistening, let the mate rest for about 24 to 48 hours. This allows the yerba mate to absorb the moisture and initiate the curing process.

Repeat the Process

Repeat the moistening process two to three times, allowing adequate resting time in between. Each repetition helps strengthen the protective layer and enhance the flavor.

How to enjoy the first mate

Once the curing process is complete, it's time to prepare and enjoy your first mate. Follow these steps:

Preparing the Mate

Fill the cured mate vessel with yerba mate, gently tapping it to settle the leaves. Tilt the mate at a 45-degree angle, allowing the yerba mate to rest against one side.

Inserting the Bombilla

Insert the bombilla (metal straw with a filtered end) into the mate, ensuring it reaches the bottom of the vessel without touching the cured walls.

Moistening the Yerba Mate

Pour warm water (approximately 70-80°C) into the empty space of the mate, moistening the yerba mate. Allow the water to be absorbed by the leaves.

Savoring the Mate

Sip through the bombilla, allowing the mate infusion to fill your mouth. Avoid stirring the mate and instead rotate the bombilla periodically to ensure a consistent flavor.


Curing a mate is an art form that requires patience and attention to detail. As the mate vessel develops its unique seasoning, it becomes a trusted companion on your mate-drinking journey. With each sip, you will be transported to the heart of Argentine traditions and experience the warmth and camaraderie it brings.

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