The history of the poncho, a national hallmark
It’s more than a piece of clothing: it reflects a way of being and standing in the face of nature, and with the history of the hands that weave them. The poncho is ancestral and current clothing at the same...
How to clean a saddle
The best advice to clean a saddle You need:  Sponge  Glycerin soap  Bitumen  Water  Rag  Bucket  Brush Steps to be followed to clean the saddle: Remove the girth, the saddle cloth, the stirrups and the straps. Clean the saddle with...
The knife of the gaucho
The gaucho was a virtually nomadic character who covered the broad pampa working with the cattle. He may have settled for some periods of time in his rancho (a small, rustic abode in the open country) but he would finally...
The Argentine asado; more than a meal, it’s a ceremony
A brief idea of what asado is for an Argentine.
The challenge of selling local handicrafts to the world
Esteban Algorta, graduated from the Torcuato Di Tella University, is one of the partners of Vakiano, an e-commerce platform that offers local artisanal products to international buyers interested in Argentina’s culture, and what our artisans have to offer.