Types of Yerba Mate: How to Identify and Choose the Best One

Yerba mate varies mainly by the blend of leaf, powder, and stem. Less powder makes a milder mate, while more powder makes it stronger.

Yerba Mate Aging

- Natural Aging: Lasts 6-24 months, enhancing flavor, aroma, and color.

- Accelerated Aging: Lasts 30-60 days using forced heat and humidity, potentially affecting flavor and causing acidity.

Yerba Mate Drying Methods

- Barbacuá: Traditional wood-fired ovens, giving a smoky flavor. Takes 12-18 hours.

- Rotating Dryer: Uses hot air in rotating drums, drying in about an hour.

- Conveyor Dryer: Modern method with hot air from below, drying in 3-6 hours.


Types of Yerba Mate

- Coarsely Ground Yerba Mate: First grinding, used for tereré, consumed with cold water or juices.

- Yerba Mate with Stems: 70% leaves and 30% stems, milder flavor.

- Stemless Yerba Mate: 90% leaves and 10% stems, stronger flavor.

- Yerba Mate with Herbs: Combined with herbs like mint and cedrón, up to 40% herbs, offering digestive and relaxing effects.

- Flavored Yerba Mate: Made with natural fruit essences for a variety of flavors.

- Barbacuá Yerba Mate: Slow-dried with a smoky flavor, reducing acidity.

- Organic Yerba Mate: Produced sustainably without agrochemicals, certified for purity and environmental respect.

- Agroecological Yerba Mate: Cultivated with a holistic approach to environmental and social sustainability.

Types of Mate Containers

- Calabash Mates: Traditional and artisanal, offering authentic flavor.

- Bone Mates: Made from animal horns or hooves, decorative and unique.

- Wooden Mates: Made from woods like quebracho and palo santo, each type of wood imparts a different flavor.

- Glass Mates: Made from recycled glass, do not alter the flavor of yerba mate.

- Metal Mates: Durable and resistant, ideal for cold infusions like tereré.

- Plastic Mates: Economical and varied in design, popular for accessibility.

- Bamboo Mates: Made from bamboo, resistant to heat, and offer a unique flavor.




Choosing yerba mate and mate containers depends on personal preference and desired experience. Explore our collection of mates on our website to find your perfect combination.


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