7 tips to Prolonging Knife Performance

Fulfilling the dual role of necessity and artistry, a well-maintained knife not only ensures safety but also elevates the culinary experience. At Vakiano, we believe that proper care and maintenance are paramount for prolonging the life of your treasured blades.

Knife Care and Maintenance Guide

1. Cleanliness is Key

- Hand wash your knife with warm soapy water.

- Avoid abrasive sponges; never use the dishwasher or soak the knife.

2. Smart Storage Solutions

- Choose a magnetic wooden strip, protective saya, or dedicated knife roll.

- Proper storage prevents corrosion and sustains sharpness.

3. Caring for Carbon Steel

- Rinse and wipe after cutting acidic foods.

- Apply camellia oil for a protective patina.

4. Maintenance Rituals

- Schedule a professional tune-up annually.

- Sharpen at home if the knife feels dull.

5. Honing and Stropping

Utilize a leather strop and honing rod between sharpening.

Maintain a consistently sharp and even edge.

6. Knife Care Tips

- Wipe the knife after cutting acidic foods to prevent corrosion.

- Hand wash with mild soap and hot water immediately after use.

7. Cutting Board Wisdom

 -Choose wooden or plastic boards to preserve blade sharpness.

- Steer clear of glass or marble cutting boards that impact the blade.

 Embrace these practices to keep your knives sharp, safe, and enduring. A well-maintained knife is not just a tool but a companion in your culinary journey. Embrace the care rituals, and your knives will reward you with longevity, performance, and a safer kitchen experience. For quality knives that embody tradition and craftsmanship, explore Vakiano's collection.


Stay sharp, stay safe.


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