Bridging Cultures

Preserving tradition, showcasing excellence

“We are more than an artisanal e-commerce platform.

We connect discerning buyers worldwide with

the rich traditions and exquisite craftsmanship

of Latin American artisans”


The origins

Driven by a deep appreciation for creole artisans, we established Vakiano as a bridge between their incredible talent and a global audience eager to discover exclusive pieces. Our founders recognized the need to create a platform that would preserve centuries-old techniques, honor the legacy of these artisans, and provide them with the necessary resources to thrive. With transparency at the core of our operations, we connect artisans and discerning buyers, fostering a community that appreciates and supports their remarkable work.

Purpose and values

We are fueled by the preservation of tradition and the celebration of exceptional craftsmanship. We believe that behind each piece lies a story waiting to be shared. By shedding light on the narratives and cultural significance embedded in every creation, we not only enable fair compensation for artisans but also ensure the continuity of their craft. Our vision extends beyond offering exquisite products; we strive to cultivate a deep understanding of different cultures.


Uniqueness and Heritage in Every Piece

Within our carefully curated collection, each item holds a captivating story passed down through generations. From meticulously woven ponchos to intricately carved knives, every piece represents a harmonious blend of artistry and a profound commitment to preserving the essence of craftsmanship. With every purchase, the history and heritage of these masterpieces are shared, allowing buyers to become part of the narrative and contributing to the preservation of traditions.

Where We Are Headed

Our goal is to establish Vakiano as the ultimate destination for those seeking rare and unique pieces of the highest quality. We take pride in showcasing the exceptional talent of creole artisans, displaying a collection that embodies values of luxury and legitimacy. Beyond offering extraordinary products, we are dedicated to empowering artisans by providing them with resources; resources to help them cultivate sustainable practices. This way we can ensure that their skills will be passed on to future generations.

Embark on a cultural journey with Vakiano and immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of Latin American traditions. Celebrate the artisans who breathe life into each piece.


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