Discover the Essence of Argentina in Every Sip - A Toast to Argentinean Wines

Dear Vakiano Family,

Indulge your senses in the rich tapestry of Argentina's winemaking legacy, a story woven over centuries and now shared with the world by Vakiano. Join us on a journey through the main red grape varieties that grace our vineyards, each bottle a testament to tradition, passion, and the Argentine spirit.

📜 A Glimpse into Our Vinous History:

Our viticulture spans over five centuries, blending the wisdom of native peoples with the traditions of European immigrants. From Santiago del Estero to Mendoza, witness the evolution of Argentine wine, now celebrated globally.

Viñedo en Mendoza, Argentina


🍇 Exploring the Red Varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon: The king of reds, hailing from Bordeaux, thrives in the dry soils of Mendoza, delivering wines with ripe red fruit aromas and velvety opulence.

Malbec: Crowned the world's best, Argentine Malbec from Mendoza boasts concentrated fruity aromas, especially of ripe plums, with the ability to age gracefully.

Merlot: Lighter and approachable, Merlot from Mendoza and Alto Valle del Río Negro offers red fruit and spice aromas, perfect for both young and hearty wines.

Syrah: A Mediterranean gem, Syrah undergoes traditional maceration, resulting in wines rich in extracts with a recognized aroma of violets and spices.

Pinot Noir: The noble variety behind Burgundy wines, Pinot Noir reveals a wide range of fruity aromas in its youth, evolving into elegant, light wines with age.

Sangiovese: From Tuscany to Argentina, Sangiovese delights with its lightness, freshness, and fruity-floral nuances reminiscent of violets.

Bonarda: A versatile Italian variety, Bonarda produces direct, frank wines with red fruit notes, often blended with Malbec for added complexity.

Tempranillo: Originating from La Rioja, Spain, Tempranillo, embraced recently in Argentina, evolves into intense reds with a complex bouquet after aging.

🥂 Toasting to White Varieties

Sauvignon Blanc: Despite its scarcity, Argentine Sauvignon Blanc, vinified with care, reveals aromatic and herbaceous notes, creating exceptional quality.

Semillon: Originating from Bordeaux, Semillon, thriving in the Uco Valley, showcases its adaptability, offering a unique character to Argentine white wines.

🍇 Elevate Your Wine Experience with Vakiano's Artful Holders! 🍷

Crafted by Argentine artisans, these holders with cow and goat horn handles add elegance to your table, preventing spills with a felt lining. Perfect for wine lovers, they're the ideal gift.

📅 Argentine Wine Day - November 24th:

On this day, we celebrate Argentina's national drink, a symbol of our culture and identity deeply rooted in family, friendship, and shared enjoyment.


Cheers to refined taste!

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