Embracing the Past, Creating the Future

Vakiano's Journey of Tradition and Innovation

Preserving Centuries-Old Techniques

The intrinsic value of traditional craftsmanship is palpable. The texture, the colors, and the quality of handmade goods are no exception when comparing them to industrial-like products. The credibility that emerges from feeling the swift weavery of a poncho, the razor-sharp blade of the knives, or even the taste of a well curated mate, is well different.

This high end crafts couldn’t be possible without the sublime dedication of each one of the artisans. Throughout their years in the market, they have perfected their one-of-a-kind techniques to ensure the quality of their products. We are talking about centuries-old techniques, lost by many, rediscovered by some.

These techniques are unmatched by any machine. Not only is the process different, but the story behind it. That is why we believe that each of the products we offer is non-fungible. Because each poncho tells the story of a different tribe; each knife declares the life story of a gaucho; each mate tells us about the diverse culture of the south american region. They are non interchangeable.

Here borns our deep commitment to preserving these centuries-old techniques. As part of Latin American culture, we feel the importance of safeguarding the artisans and the value they bring to our world. We want to ensure that these traditional crafts continue to thrive, sustaining cultural legacies that have stood the test of time.

We understood that if we wanted to preserve this exceptional art, we had to innovate. We had to think of a way to bring them to life again and still navigate the modern world.

Innovating with tradition

A bridge had to be established between the gap of the past, present and future.

By communicating past experiences that live up to present expectations, a new future could be visioned. A future where the history of our civilizations was revolutionized, romanticized. We had to make sure that the way we shared these stories was like no other. The task was finding out how to tell this ancient story in an innovative way.

We began by providing a web platform for artisans to showcase their skills and creations. This way we could breathe new life into these art forms and reintroduce them to a global audience. The idea was, and still is, to take advantage of the digital world to connect our artists to the whole world.

As our following grew stronger and stronger, changes had to be made. New channels of communication had to be explored so we could continue to narrate the tales that embody each of our artisan’s products. For this we jumped into the social network world, by sharing our craft through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, as well as through cutting-edge content in our newsletter.

Inspiring Future Generations

A world where the ancestral roots are conveyed in the narratives we tell is our aspiration. For so long have these tribes and their techniques remained in our folklore, that losing them to the ravages of time would be a tragedy.

Yes, the modern world has forgotten the enchanting tapestry of our cultural heritage. But we are here to revive it. Through our constant search for innovation we seek the best methodologies to convey the stories we want the world to hear. Our goal is to inspire future generations to seek tradition despite the constant rise of new technologies.

Even so, our vision is a world where new inventions are used in favor of cultural resemblance; a world where tradition and innovation intertwine harmoniously, preserving the spirit of our history for generations to come.

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