Father’s Day Gifts

The gifts that are most highly valued are often not the most exotic, but those that are imagined and crafted specifically “for the recipient”, because they demonstrate that we know what he likes. We here suggest some products handcrafted by the Vakiano artisans with noble and autochthonous materials. They are unique pieces, as every person is.


For travelers

For those who are passionate travelers, an option is to renew their luggage. We offer you some alternatives that integrate elegance, simplicity and practicality.

Recoleta Bag is a unisex bag in the shape of a drum. Perfect for short trips or weekend getaways. It’s easy to store because it doesn’t take up much room (50 cm long), and it will last for years because the leather is top quality and it is solidly manufactured. It provides a touch of elegance to any kind of garb. 

Hand luggage with wheels. Made to travel in style. This is a bag that fits in the overhead luggage hold in an airplane, but the advantage if being roomy on the inside because it has side pockets with a zipper and a cloth lining inside. It’s leather and has a structure that will hold even when it’s empty.

Toiletry bag Patagonia Genuine leather case, an undeniable basic to complement leather goods. It has an inside pocket and is waterproof on the outside with metal zippers. It may be of cow or buffalo leather.


For gourmet hosts

On occasions, Meat is the main option for a meal. And with so many cuts available, knives must be up to the challenge to carve and cut portions evenly. 

Knife sets made of noble materials: for those that enjoy being hosts, a good option is a carved Bradford set, stainless steel carving fork and sharpening steel with a hilt made of antelope horn. Another option is an Angus set, made with hilts out of deer antlers. 

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Carving sets, made of quebracho wood. The hilts are finished with hand carving. The blade and fork are made of forged steel so the tempering will last for years. The presentation is in a wood case for the perfect gift. 

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Wine bottle holder. These provide a distinguished touch at the table. Those with a cow horn handle and nickel finish, and a felt lining to prevent spills. The alpaca jar with a goat horn handle is an excellent complement for the wine bottle holder. Alpaca is an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel also known as German silver or white metal. It looks very much like silver and it is conserved the same way.


A history of deer antlers and cow horns 

Gauchos used cow horns for endless products and tools. Currently, these are difficult to locate partly because advances in bovine genetics have managed to eliminate horns for reasons of safety and to protect the hide of the animal in possible fights.

On the other hand, Vakiano artisans use deer antlers to make products, respecting the natural cycle of the animals. At the end of winter and beginning of spring, deer begin to cast their antlers so new ones can come out. These changes are known as desmogues. It is quite common to find cast off antlers on the ground in Patagonia, for example, and these are used to craft products.

For horse lovers

Polo gear. From Vakiano we provide the best polo players, teams and clubs worldwide with genuine clothing. For example, our polo boots have been extensively tested by the best players in the world. Made with double cow leather reinforced at the heel, metal closing and buckle. Double sole with interior metal shank that prevents the toe from bending and stops the boot from losing its shape.

The polo helmets of carbon and fiberglass are Falcon, one of the best brands in the world. We also have kneepads with two or three straps, and customized Polo Gear Bag and Polo Boot Bag.

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Halters, muzzles, reins, saddles.  We are offering combos with discounts: you can choose a set of reins, muzzle and rawhide halter with bronze rings, and a silver chain of first law with horse and polo mallet motif.

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