How to take care of leather products

Taking care of artisanal leather products is key because they are unique pieces: no belt or bag is like any other. The artisans at Vakiano work with the best Argentine leather, they  treat with a vegetable tanning process that minimizes environmental impact and guarantees a final product of  outstanding quality. In this note we will give you some tips on how to maintain your leather products.

How to take care of leather products

Always clean

It may seem obvious, but keeping leather free of dust is basic. In order to do so, wipe with a microfiber or damp cloth, making sure you never actually wet the leather. For deeper cleaning you can apply neutral soap lather with a sponge in gentle circular movements, without rubbing or wetting the leather.

Important: never use: glycerin soap, abrasive cleansers, varnish, detergent or other cleaning products, alcohol or ammonia water.

Nourish the leather

Once it is clean, leather needs to be hydrated. You can cover it with a film of petroleum jelly, and then wipe off the excess with a dry cloth. When the leather is new, before using it, it is useful to apply skin hydrating cream. For belts, for example, keeping them nourished is key to keeping them flexible over time.

How to take care of leather products

How to remove stains

Stains produced by spills need to be eliminated immediately because leather is very porous and if these are not dried rapidly, the dirt penetrates rapidly.
For small, concentrated stains, use a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol. If the stains are greasy, regardless of their size, apply cornstarch and spread it with your fingers for the body heat to help remove the stain. Let it act for an hour and remove it with a vacuum cleaner or a soft toothbrush.
As usual, there is no better care than daily maintenance from the moment of acquisition. Avoid exposing it to humidity or heat.

Warning: avoid the use of abrasive cleaners of any type to prevent irreparable damage.


How to dry them

Drying the piece is basic. Contrary to what we would do with fabric, leather must never be air dried: it is better to wipe it off with a dry cloth and eliminate the remaining dampness.

 How to take care of leather products

How and where to put them away

To put them away, it is good to place them in cotton cases or some other fabric that breathes, not in plastic bags because these condense humidity.

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