Mother’s Day: suggested surprises

Mother’s Day is coming, and it isn’t always easy to find the perfect gift. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary (flowers, candy) for this 9th of May, we suggest artisanal accessories to meet your expectations to surprise her.

Carrier bags and handbags

Leather carrier bags of artisanal design and exceptional quality. Each one hand crafted with genuine high quality Argentine leather. You can choose among a variety of cow and buffalo leather. Some include metallic zipper and a long handle to use as a shoulder bag.

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Hats and berets

Waterproof felt hats made with rabbit and otter hair by Lagomarsino, the best known Argentine hatter. They are handmade, ideal for a sunny weekend.

A good idea is to combine it with an Argentine poncho and equestrian jewelry.

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For the table

When it’s time to set the dining room table, a well chosen piece can renew the entire setup. The Vakiano artisanal pieces have the advantage that they are at the same time sober and original, because they are crafted as unique pieces.


A support for a wine bottle with a nickel plated cow horn handle including felt lining to stop the wine from spilling or the bottle from slipping.    


A pair of traditional Argentine cow horn candelabra that used to have various uses among the gauchos. Currently these are rare objects, difficult to find, given the advances in bovine genetics that eliminated horns for safety reasons and to protect the animal leather in possible fights.

Alpaca is an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel, also known as German silver or white metal. 


Alpaca jar with a goat horn handle. The perfect detail for the table setup and an excellent complement for the wine bottle holder.

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For horses and riders

From polo boots to sets of reins, muzzle and halter, there’s a broad range of artisanal products for horse lovers.

For example this traditional halter, Creole style, is made of rawhide with a braided motif. The braided rawhide technique applied by Pablo Ríos is quite unique and therefore difficult to find. 

Another practical proposal is this polo bag, designed to carry everything necessary for each training session. It can be customized with the initials of the person’s name and choice of color. 

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Accessories and jewels

A necklace can transform the most basic shirt, and a bracelet or armband can give our style a different touch. Accessories can be our best allies when it’s time to change our look.

We suggest this 100% silver equestrian bracelet,  which has the perfect mettle for daily use: it doesn’t bend or break. It’s made of silver 925, considered to be the maximum purity advisable or these uses.

Also this sterling silver engraved necklace with an artisanal braid, made of 17 leather strips. The pendant has the shape of a butterfly and can be engraved with initials.

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The Argentine Vakiano ponchos had to be here as well, handmade with natural products and dyes. The Argentine poncho is made according to techniques handed down from generation to generation. These Andean ponchos take from 1 to 4 months to weave due to the complexity of the loom work. The designs of the Pampa poncho, for example, were used by Argentine gauchos (the Argentine equivalent of a cowboy): they were and still are today a fundamental part of the gaucho garb. 

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