Braided rawhide and alpaca knife in rawhide sheath - Vakiano
Braided rawhide and alpaca knife in rawhide sheath - Vakiano

Criollo braided rawhide and alpaca knife

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by Vakiano
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The handmade hilt with over 60 individual leather strips, and mondonguillo (a decorative braid) in the middle, inspired by an autochthonous mix of the indigenous and gaucho traits. The leather strips are made from horse leather softened and delicately cut by hand. The alpaca finish of the hilt isolates the leather strips from the blade. The stainless steel blade is forged to remain unaltered for decades given its great hardness and metallic composition. The rawhide sheath shows the handmade finish with leather strips.

Blade:   15 cm

Handle: 11 cm

Knife:    26 cm

Due to the nature of the materials and the manual work, each handmade piece is unique. This is part of the beauty of this products. It is expected that the product you receive may vary from the one shown in the photo, always respecting the format, measurments and quality of the materials.