Buenos Aires, Argentina



In October 1891 Don Carlos and Don José Lagomarsino joined their entrepreneurial activities to launch Sombreros Lagomarsino. Their hats have been worn by such public figures as Carlos Gardel, Irigoyen, Palacios and different personalities in the City of Buenos Aires. As of 1945 the decadence of the hat industry was caused by the decline of the custom of the daily use of hats. In 1967 the Riera family, long time provider of felts for Lagomarsino, decided to buy the brand. They specialized in looking for new markets and possibilities for the company. Since then and with this new family in charge they started to include new materials, such as ventilated cotton, leather and wool. Restless and entrepreneurial, they developed an extensive line of hats to wear on the farm, in the city, on safari, traditional and religious hats. They also made caps and berets. They export to Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland. Today, in the Lagormasino factory, the sixth generation of Riera hats is working there: Mr. Riera, three of his four children, two sons-in-law and four grandchildren. Antonio Riera Jr., the current president of the company, in an interview he gave some years ago, said: “Scientists say bees shouldn’t fly because their wings are too small for the size of their bodies, which is what happened to us. Lagomarsino shouldn’t exist, but it exists because I, my sons and my grandchildren want to take care of the tradition of wearing hats, the most comfortable and elegant complement.” Signed: A family that has a company.